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Worlds between us

I met you and from the first moment I was fascinated. Fascinated of your kindness, your humor, of everything. You accepted me like I am from the very first moment! My craziness, my jokes, my shyness, my fears, my distance, just everything!

In this moment I was too dumb to see how amazing you are and I didn’t use these small moments. And now there are worlds between us. I don’t know if I will ever see you again and this nescience is killing me because I miss you so much. I miss your smile, your laugh, your touches, kisses, just everything. I was too dumb to enjoy the little time we had, to see you how you really are. Now I’m asking myself if you miss me too or if I’m just one girl on this planet. A girl who doesn’t mean to you anything. 
I was too dumb to fight for you because I didn’t realize how special you are and now it’s probably too late. Now there are worlds between us, they apart us more and more and I probably can’t change that. At least I don’t know how or if you would like t…

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