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You walk into the doctor´s office. You sit down on a black, old leather chair, not comfortable at all. You take one of the health magazines from the small table in the middle of the room. You browse the magazine without reading one single word. You wait for your name to be called. You wait and wait. Suddenly you are called up. You put down the magazine and follow the doctor’s assistant. Inside, the doctor tells you to sit down. Your heart is beating out of your chest. You ride a rollercoaster of feelings. Then, the doctor tells you that you might have cancer. You sink into the chair. The doctor talks about the possibilities but you cannot listen to him. He tells you that he will have the results in a few days. A few days which will feel like eternity. A bad joke. You walk out of the office to the elevator. You push the button. You wait and wait. The door opens. You go in. The door closes and it goes down. Feels like falling.
This one single moment comes to you when your world stops. E…

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