Could you just come back to me?

Come back and never leave again! 

Could we just forget the mistakes we have done? Forget the discussions and fights? I can't handle this silence! It is killing me slowly! Everything would be better than this silence. Just shout at me or fight with me. It doesn't matter but please do something. 
How could it get so far? So far away from the dreams that we had. So far away from each other. Now we're like strangers. Every look is like a knife in my heart. The wounds will never heal! They are getting deeper and deeper! You are the reason why I am hurt but you could also be the solution for these problems and wounds! So just come back to me! 

I promise you I will change! I will be the person you need but just come back! 

The question is if coming back is really the solution for everything? There were always reasons for the fights and the problems. Maybe it's better to move on although it's the hardest thing to do! But sometimes there is no other option! 

If something would meant to be together it would be together! 


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