Stay with me, forever, for the eternity! 

I've met many people in my life, sometimes too many! But there were only a few who gave me the feeling of being my soulmate. 

What is a soulmate? Is there only one person on earth who could be my soulmate or is it possible that there are more? Does the only true one exist? 

I don't know but once I thought that there was my only true soulmate but after a while I lost him. I think that it is possible that maybe my friends aren't real soulmates but they are true friends! I would do anything for them without compromises! I can talk with them thousand times about the same topic and they are not bored. They see my problems and my mistakes but they don't judge! 

I hope that they will be a part of my life forever! Losing them would be like losing a part of myself. That's not sentimental it is only truth. Friendship gives a sense to the life! 


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