A long road

Walk. Run. Stop. 

I'm walking on an endless road. A road without end. Everywhere I look I just see the desert! There are no lakes, no rivers! Just nothing! I'm tired and thirsty! My throat is dry as the arid ground! Every breath hurts! It feels like a burning sword inside my throat. The pain weakens my body. There is no room anymore for any thoughts or feelings! There is just the need to survive! The need to go on and never stop! Stopping could cost everything. 

But suddenly I can see something or someone at the end of the horizon! I don't know what it means but it gives me hope! I begin to run. As fast as I can! Then I can see you. You're standing there with open arms and a big smile on your lips. A smile that melts my heart. I run even faster if this is possible at all. 

Finally I throw my arms around his neck and he enfolds me in his arms. Finally I'm home! 


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