What is passion? Is it just one of many feelings? Or is this feeling special? 

I think it's difficult to give this word only one definition because it's an individual feeling which can mean so much! 

When I do something with passion I don't only like to do it but I really love to do it and this feeling comes from the bottom of my heart. There are two things I really do with passion and that is writing and singing. If I would have the time I would love to spend every second of my life with it. 

With the music and the words I express myself, my thoughts and feelings. It can help me to get rid of bad feelings and thoughts but it can also make me really happy. That's why words are never just words to me - they're the language of the heart! 

Everyone has his own passion. It doesn't matter if it's sports, music, arts or something else. It only matters that it makes you happy. 

Passion has nothing to do with accomplishment. I don't write my blog because I want the people to admire me or that everyone loves my blog. I'm a blogger because I love to write. A songwriter will also not write songs for every single person on earth, there will be always persons who don't like his style, music or whatever. That's why passion is individual. 

I'm really happy that a friend of mine encouraged me in writing a blog one year ago. It was one of my best decisions I did in my life!  


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