The same procedure as every time!

 You told me that it would be special! That it would be different!

But now I'm sitting here and I know that you are just like the others. The same lies and the same behavior! You never show any feelings. You're just like an ice rock! Now I have answers to all your questions! You can't expect friendliness, truth and faithfulness when you do exactly the opposite! So just shut up and go. It doesn't matter what we had or what we could have had. It's over and that's really good. Sometimes it's meant to be and other times it was never meant to be. I will live my own life and dreams. I rather live alone than to be with you. Maybe there will be a time when you regret your decisions but then it will be too late! 

I only want a last thing from you, I don't want to see you ever again! 


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