Prince Charming

Suddenly I realize that there is a person in my life which means more for me than I thought.

I was searching for a person like him for so long. No one was good enough. I never felt like myself in their presence. I accepted too many comprises. I undersold myself. I thought that I wouldn't be good enough for them. Not pretty enough. Not smart enough.

Now I know that my heart couldn't even accept one of them because there was already a person in my heart. He stole it long ago and I didn't recognize it. I never thought that it could be him. It was never an option. He only wanted friendship and I never thought that my feelings could change.

Now, I am standing here and I have no idea what to do. I cannot risk this friendship. It means too much for me. I couldn't stand if a relationship would destroy everything. So I hold my mouth shut und try to erase my feelings.

When I was a young girl I dreamed of a life with my Prince Charming. But now I know that this is an Utopia. There won't be a Prince Charming on a white horse, not even on a black horse. Love is not that easy. There is no love at first sight, not even at second sight. It resembles more a mathematical equation with many unknowns. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Our thoughts and fears block ourself.

So I am standing here and wait till something will change. We cannot force the love. We only can receive and accept the love when it comes. 


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