Every day we're thinking of so much stuff. We're overthinking so many thinks and are getting angry about the most stupid things. Every damn day we're stupid for not enjoying our lives and the time with the people we love. 

Then this one single moment comes when your world stops. Everything seems so ridiculous, so irrelevant. You remember the moments when you were mad because of nothing. These little problems seem ridiculous now. Because now there is this huge shock and you don't know how to handle it. Your world collapses on you and it feels like someone is pulling the rug out from under yours feet. You don't know what to think or feel. It's just a huge chaos. You cry and cannot stop at all.

You try to figure out what you will do but it is just impossible. You cannot concentrate at all. It is paralyzing you. You're starring at a white wall and you know that you have so much stuff to do but you just can't. This question is in your head if it is really happening or if it will only be a really bad nightmare. The uncertainty is eating you up. You cannot feel anymore and after while you even have no tears anymore to spend. You're just in a rigor. You're counting the minutes and hours and days to the day of truth. The waiting is making you crazy. You're feeling helpless and stupid.

Stupid that you couldn't value the important things before and that other people aren't better. You cannot listen to their argues about things which are so irrelevant. So you're mad at the world and mad at yourself. So much time and feelings you wasted for ridiculous things.

And in this moment you pray to God and ask him to stop this nightmare because then you would use your life more wisely.


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