And there comes a time when it is enough. When you cannot make it anymore. When your heart bursts and you have to give up. 

You fought again and again but he didn't. When only one person fights you cannot win at all. Maybe it will work for a little time but there will be an end! 

You never wanted it to end but you're also only a human being, you cannot fight an endless war. 

In some way it is a relief but it also hurts. There is something missing. There is only a silence left. 

How could you have been so naive? How could you have thought that it would be different this time? That he is special? 

You had sworn that you would be more rational this time. Instead you fought for something that you have never had! An unwinnable situation! And the healed wounds are even worse now! Was it really worth that? Probably not. A big blasphemy! 

Nothing is left! No more words! Just an emptiness!


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