Once upon a time, I was not sportive enough, I wasn't skinny enough! 

Well, a few months ago I realized that I will never have the typical female shape. I'm curvy and I'm probably stronger than the most women and I'm proud of that! That is why I decided to start with powerlifting. It combines mental and physical strength. You need both to be successful. 

My parents were and are still afraid that I would lose the female shape. But no woman gains so fast so much muscles. And it isn't dangerous to have muscles as a girl. 

My aim is to be strong, maybe I have more fat than these skinny girls but well I'm living more healthier than them. And I don't have to regret it if I ate too much. Probably, it will help me more than it will hurt me. 

I don't have ideal measurements but I don't care. Because I am who I am and that is the most important thing! 


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